Ghostbusters 1 & 2 style proton pack

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Ghostbusters 1 & 2 style proton pack

I don't think you should go any further without a proton pack!

Easily connect your Hasbro or Mattel thrower wand to a complete proton pack- right out of the box.

These replicas look exactly like the original props and are made using the most modern techniques and advanced materials.

Everything from the micro toggle switches, to the A.L.I.C.E. pack frame were carefully selected to match those of the original packs.
Ribbon cable, brass Clippard hose-barbs, vinyl tubing, warning decals, copper ion arms and authentic wiring loom come standard on EVERY PACK we offer!

The measurements are exact to the packs from the films.

Pull your thrower from the side of the pack utilizing the industrial strength steel and aluminum clips (no lightweight Dixie cup clips here!) These clips are compatible with the Mattel wand.

Batteries are securely fastened to the rear panel, easily changeable and hidden from view.

Sound Effects Operate on 12 volt rechargeable batteries and the volume is comparable to a loud toy.

Custom options are available and nothing ships until you preview and confirm completed photos.

Our Proton Packs and Ghost-busting equipment have been used or featured by Warner Brothers Studios,,, Ghostbusters 30th Art Show, on YouTube and many very successful cos-players!

Recently featured in this incredible fan-funded parody:

Here is a short demo to hear the sound effects and see the animated lights:

Here is a longer video of how they're made: