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Shipping is provided by USPS and includes tracking information and insurance


All sales final. Due to personal configuration, customization, or design these unique hand made replicas are non-returnable. No returns or cancellations will be accepted. 

HEADS UP! We are seeing major shortages and issues in the following areas related to the utility industry:

  • Raw Material Shortages (metals – particularly transformers and wire; silicone and petroleum-based products, including polyurethane, paint, and PVC; many plastic resins; fiber optic cables and components)
  • Global Semiconductor Chip Shortage – for electronic devices that run our fiber optic network, and for ramping up production to meet demands at the factories.
  • Transportation Logistics - cargo container ships are stacked up at sea and trucking companies are lacking drivers. The customs process for specialty items is also delayed.
  • Unexpected Shutdowns at factories, in the delivery industry, and other areas of project pipelines due to COVID-19 Outbreaks.
  • Labor Issues

**While we are seeing progress, there is a backlog of orders that will take time for our suppliers to fill. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we will do our best to meet our customers’ needs, however many of these delays are beyond our control.

Thank you for shopping at our site!